In English: The festival of invocation of God’s curse upon liars. 

Eid al-Mubāhalah is celebrated on the 24th of Dhul Hijjah

Mubāhalah was an event in Islamic history where Prophet Muhammad (ṣ) and the Christians of Najran met in order to reveal who was lying about their faiths. 

The Prophet (ṣ) introduced Imam ‘Ali (‘a), Fatimah al-Zahra (‘a), Imam Hasan (‘a) and Imam Husayn (‘a)  at this event. This gave them precedence over all of his other family members and companions when he took them to be measured against the Christians of Najran.

This day thus exemplifies the merits and status of the Ahl al-Bayt (‘a) – these select members whom the Prophet (s) was ordered by Allah to bring with him to the plains of Medina.

The Qurʾānic verse 3:61 was revealed at this occasion.