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At Islamic Beliefs, our goal is to provide free education and community resources built for the newest generation of Muslims, inshā’Allāh (God willing). We prioritize high quality translations, well vetted-sources, and accessibility for learners at all levels. We are actively working to provide our resources in Spanish as well as English.

Islamic Beliefs is a subsidiary of the Al-Kisa Foundation:

‘Al-Kisa Foundation is a nonprofit platform that seeks to provide educational needs and support in service of the Muslim ummah and those who are searching for the truth. Al-Kisa Foundation oversees the function of various subsidiaries under the guidance of Moulana Nabi Raza Abidi.’

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Moulana Nabi Raza Abidi

Nabi Raza Abidi was born in Alipur, India. He moved to Iran at the age of 14 to pursue Islamic studies, He spent the first two years in Najafabad, and then spent 14 years in Qom where he studied at Hujjatiyyah, Fayḍiyyah, and the Institute of Imām Jaʿfar aṣ-Ṣādiq under Ayatollah Ja’far Subḥanī. Concurrently, he earned his PhD from the University of Tehran.

In 2002, Maulana Abidi moved to San Jose, CA to serve as the Resident ʿĀlim of SABA Islamic Center. He is the founder of Al-Kisa Foundation and its subsidiaries, including Islamic Beliefs. 

Shaykh Saleem Bhimji

Born in Fort Rae, North West Territories to parents from Uganda, Africa, Shaykh Saleem grew up in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. After completing his post-secondary education at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT), he and his wife moved to Medina, New York to study in the Imam alAsr Theological Seminary. Shortly thereafter, they shifted to Qom to continue religious studies in the Theological Seminary of Qom. 

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Since returning to Canada in 2000, Shaykh Saleem has worked with various organizations including the Islamic Humanitarian Service, The World Federation of KSIMC, and Al-Fath Al-Mubin Publications. He also has launched the Islamic Publishing House (www.iph.ca) and the QAIM Institute (www.qaim.ca). To date, Shaykh Saleem has written and/or translated over 50 full-length books in English which have been printed in Canada, USA, Europe, the Middle East, and India, and has independently published over 30 books through his publishing house.
Currently, Shaykh Saleem serves as a Spiritual Advisor for the Az–Zahraa Islamic Centre in Richmond, BC, Canada (www.az–zahraa.org). He continues to engage in independent propagation and educational initiatives, including at Islamic Beliefs.


Shaykh Saed Ali Kulayni

Shaykh Saed Ali. Kulayni was born and raised in New York City. He converted to Shia Islam from Sunni Islam during his teenage years. He studied at the Hawza I.M.A.M Institute.

Since completing his studies, Shaykh Kulayni has served as the resident Alim of Islamic Centers in Atlanta, Georgia; Charlotte, North Carolina; and Tampa, Florida. He has also held the post of Islamic school principal, given lectures across America, written multiple articles on Islam, and published 3 books.


Dr Ali Alsamail

Dr Ali Alsamail grew up and lives in Sydney, Australia. His Islamic studies qualifications include a Bachelor degree through the eHawza program and a Masters degree in Islamic Studies through the Islamic College, London. His passion is teaching youth about Islam and he has been involved in weekend Islamic schools teaching and curriculum development in Sydney and online since 2008. He works as a Medical Practitioner in Sydney, and graduated from medical school in 2009.

Sr Sabika Mithani

Sister Sabika Mithani was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. Having spent more than a decade in the Hawza (Islamic Seminary), she earned her Bachelor of Arts in Islamic Studies from Jamatuz Zahra, followed by two Masters, one in Qurʾanic Science from Jamatuz Zahra and the other in Islamic Theology and Philosophy from Jamatul Mustafa. Sister Sabika presently resides in the Bay Area, where she serves Al-Kisa Foundation.